Our Story

My husband started in Farmer's Markets 20 years ago, then he moved onto working along side local restaurants and charter schools. Fast forward to March 2020, as the whole world locked down our business came to a halt. Restaurants were closing, market shelves were empty, people were needing food. Our new journey began with our idea of helping farmers and suppliers distribute their produce to a few friends and neighbors. While being able to keep our small staff and provide a living a wage. March 16, 2020, I posted some pictures of our boxes on social media to reach out to our friends and community to share what we were providing. That post was shared over 400 times. The word had spread and we were off. We were helping our community to get fresh produce in their homes.  

Something I thought would only last a month or two. Has carried us into a year now. 

We have met our neighbors and created beautiful friendships through this journey.  

We have also been able to provide boxes for families in need with the help of our generous customers. We take pride in choosing the best produce to create our beautiful boxes. 

Knowing people have fresh food to eat 

Now a year later, we are still providing our services. 

We are now using our experience and access to fresh healthy produce to help our families, friends and neighbors